About Quan Yin’s Garden

Garden960-350The Garden: Building a Bridge to Source.

The Garden: is a place given to humanity by Quan Yin to seek the still silent voice within.

When Quan Yin appeared in my life she always brought me to a beautiful place I began to refer to as the garden. After several experiences with her she began teaching me about the garden so that I could go there for peace and nourishment and so that I could let others know about this space too.

The Garden: “is all there is; the garden is the creative force of love and light manifested “between” the fourth and fifth dimensions: The garden is more or less suspended within both dimensions.

It is out of time as you know it and is eternal so that when one is present in the garden all sense of time and exhaustion fall away, one feels the presence of the force of creation. With proper acceptance healing in all the bodies can take place within the garden”. Quan Yin through Melissa F. Halsey

The Garden: Is a place entered through the “gateway” of your heart.

Wisdom from the Garden is heart centered.

If you are called to enter the garden for healing, answers, wisdom or peace then you are drawn towards the new frequency a frequency of unconditional love and acceptance.

The world of struggle and survival is the world of humankinds past. The world of light and love, a world where all living beings flourish in unity consciousness is the world of the new order.

The Earth has chosen to move forward. If you have chosen the new order the Garden is a place where you can stabilize and nourish yourself when you chose to enter into a heart centered way of living.

The Garden is where you can go to quiet the mind and strengthen the will of your higher self to clarify the message imprinted in the heart.

Melissa F Halsey June 20, 2009 | About Melissa