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The Images of Quan Yin

My image is found in forms that were carved by loving hands. One of the ways to touch my vibration is to use these forms and statues in your homes on your altar or in your gardens. My image is also found in the raindrops and the flowers and, if you feel more comfortable with […]

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Compassion for the Self

We extend the blessings of the Divine Mother energies to you. Take a moment to allow our energies to run through your hands to your heart. Extend the compassion of the Divine Mother to yourselves. What is there not to be compassionate about? Why do you judge yourselves so strongly? Those of you who wear […]

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Embracing the Feminine

You all may carry our vibration in any way you wish, in any phase that you wish. Some of you will carry us as Isis. Some of you will carry the same vibration as the Divine Mother. Others will carry it as the Earth. Others will carry it as the Virgin Mary vibration. Allow that […]

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