Embracing the Feminine

ABeautifulCreationYou all may carry our vibration in any way you wish, in any phase that you wish. Some of you will carry us as Isis. Some of you will carry the same vibration as the Divine Mother. Others will carry it as the Earth. Others will carry it as the Virgin Mary vibration.

Allow that vibration to fully connect to you at this time, as we are representing the essence of the mother, of the woman-the complete feminine package, as you would say.

As the woman grows in wisdom, the archetype of the feminine changes and the Earth grows in wisdom. The feminine wisdom grows within you who are open to receiving it.

Embrace all aspects of the feminine. Embrace the age of wisdom. Embrace the calm energy. Embrace the middle age. Embrace the softness of woman, and the fullness and the roundness. Embrace the entire aspect of comfort that you have forgotten. In the world seeking to immortalize a certain aspect of femininity, it has demeaned it.

Open your hearts and let the flow of the divine essence move through your being and become the grace and beauty of the Divine Feminine that you are.

I am Quan Yin. I call upon you whose hearts have called to me. I call upon you to banish the power that fear holds over you, to open your hearts to love and joy. You are paving the way of the new kingdom on your planet. It is not a kingdom built of matter, towers built of stone and steel, that will fall one day. Rather it is built in the hearts of individuals who remember their divine heritage in Spirit.

This kingdom will never fall for it is built of love and Spirit.

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