Gifts from Quan Yin: Seeing Self as Infant

Embrace yourself at this time with the crossed arms over the heart. Allow the palms of your hands to rest on your shoulders. As you continue to breathe, breathe in the gentleness of yourself as an infant. We ask you to see yourself as an infant coming into the planet. We ask you now to be the first one to hold yourself and to see the birth process. Allow yourself to be there in the infant before it is taken from the womb/room.

Allow yourself to gently hold the new baby that you are. Breathe the essence of that energy through your being. And, in truth, there are many that came in holding sadness and weariness, at this time, you understand at some level that is an illusion. Hold that new child to your heart. Hold your hand over it’s back as you place the palm of your right hand on your heart or several inches from your heart. The newness and freshness of the day that you entered the planet still remains with you and you need that newness and freshness.

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