Invocation for Living from the Heart’s Compassion

I breathe deeply drawing my breath through my crown in to my heart center:
(breathe saying visualizing 3 times)
From this space in my heart I accept that all things are equal
From this space in my heart I see all living beings united in
Peace – Harmony & Love.
I breathe deeply drawing my breathe up through my root, my belly and my solar plexus and into my heart center (breath saying / visualizing 3X’s)

From this moment in time I hold the planet
Earth in my heart seeing all life, no matter how it is being experienced – with reverence and compassion.

I breathe deeply drawing my breath down from my crown deeply into the earth on my inward breath; with my outward breath i draw the breath and energy up from the center of the Earth through my root feeling it flow through my crown as expels..

From this point in time I Am committing
To living a heart centered life.
From this point in time I create my world from my
Loving compassionate heart
And so it is

I breathe deeply drawing the breath in and out of my heart on the inward breath I allow my self to feel the love that the universe has for me and I gladly receive this
On the out ward breath I send the love back toward the Universe, The Earth and all living things. (3X’s)

At this point in time in the name of the light I acknowledge that I am a creator of
Loving relationship
With myself
And co-creator of loving relationship with
And co-creator of
Of a loving world
And so It is

(REMAIN in this space for several minutes holding your vision of your loving world)

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