Quan Yin Heart Exercise

Breathe deeply into your heart. Focus on the lotus that is imprinted within your heart. Find the imprint of the flower or the lotus with in you. (It is not necessarily a lotus in all of you; in fact when we say it is not necessarily a lotus, we mean it does not necessarily look like one. Each person has a different flower vibration, but underlying is the vibration of the lotus or the potential for enlightenment. Don’t be alarmed if you see a daffodil!)

Now breathe into your heart and find your particular image. If you do not see it clearly, you might feel it or have a sense of it. It is important that you connect with a flower image because it helps you love the parts of yourself that you have pushed away. Breathe in three times and take a moment to let the flower image to come into your vision. Focus on your vision, the color and open your senses to draw in the fragrance. Carry the flower in your heart as a gift form the divine mother. It brings healing particularly healing of the feminine aspect. Allow the flower to receive the parts of self that have been hiding from the light of love. Bring those parts of yourself that are tried and in need of help to sit in the petals of the flower. Rest in this image for as long as you need.


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