Quan Yin and Our Relationships

Quan YinFor a long time I have felt compelled to create a space for Quan Yin and her beautiful garden on the net. I have actually had the domain name Quan Yin’s garden for many years now wondering just what I was to do with it. It came to me recently, regardless of the fact that I still didn’t know what I was doing with the page, to begin compiling some of the channeling and information compiled over the years. Juan Rosenfeldt, a talented artist with an affinity for the Spiritual World, created the the beautiful image and the stunning garden out of love and honor for the Lady Quan Yin.

The more the page came together I realized that it was a “space” where everyone can come to commune in the garden with Quan Yin.

During a channeling with my dear friend Caron, Quan Yin made this request “We love what you are creating in material form- we request that you write articles sharing our wisdom on the new form relationships are taking on your planet Earth- Men and Women are embodying the compassionate flow together they are able to reflect and intertwine this energy thus creating relationships based on unconditional love and compassion. Ah, the beauty that you will see on this earth through the hearts opening to one another..”

And so we begin:

“Compassion for all beings leads to happiness in relationship. You are
moving forward as a race, you are REALizing your Spiritual natures and in doing so you are seeing these natures reflected in one another. The reflection of the compassionate self in the heart of the other creates unity. Unity consciousness brings wholeness. Wholeness allows new awareness, a consciousness of the self at many levels.

At the level of soul there is a maturing that resonates with the higher frequencies this maturity thrives on the flow of compassion. While Compassion is a word it is not wholly that. Neither is it entirely an act. It is act and meaning and intention all together it is a flow. A radiant flow of energy that moves through open hearts and connects them, sending charges of the energy of compassion that can lift the hearts of many and indeed lift the heart’s vibration. The uplifting of hearts by compassionate individuals and the lifting of the heart’s vibration creates transformation on your Earth. There is great power in this flow.

How has this changed the nature of what you call the significant other relationship? First of all compassion that recognizes the duality of the human nature is able to under stand the impermanence of the nature of flesh.

In the past many of love relationships have been based on attraction and the feelings of pleasure or security that are evoked when a person has performed a kindness for us. Generally when you “feel” good with another or by the efforts of another you have opened the heart- it is the open heart that is able to achieve the vibration of love. Now then, dear children, the vibration of the compassionate flow also opens the heart. The opening spoken of here is not one that is opened by good feelings produced by outer reality but by the true nature of compassion coming from the REALization of the compassionate nature inherent with in all living beings. In order for this nature to develop there must be a turning within. For this turning to unlock the heart you must recognize that you are seeing the self in the other…you must be willing to see your reflection in all others thus facing all the facets of self….”

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