Quan Yin Water Blessing

QuanYin2Blessed be. We are here. We are Quan Yin. The understanding that water is one of the sacred elements has always been so. We are Quan Yin. Human Kind has always understood that water holds much blessing. You can see this in your history. The element of water speaks to the cells of your body. Blessed water can heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We give you this ritual that you may use as part of your daily ritual for alignment and balance in the physical world. We are Quan yin.

(Firstly, in order to benefit the most from this blessing, the drinking vessel used should be made of glass or ceramic or some natural substance., used only for this purpose, and should be left in a place that is sacred to you, such as your altar.)

Breathe and stretch, while calling in the light. Begin chanting using a chant that helps you align and center or you may use the following:

“I center with the light. I am one with the light. I center with the light.”

After stretching and chanting, enter the garden using your usual method. Call in Quan Yin’s presence, breathing deeply many times to refresh the chi force in the body. Hold your vessel in front of your solar plexus. In the clockwise motion, stir the water using your pointer finger and repeat:

“I call the force of the heavens into this swirling vortex I call the
healing power of the universe into these molecules of the water. I command the power of the heavens to merge with this water. I am centered in the light I am one with the light of creation; I am one with the healing love of the universe.”

Then hold the vessel in front of your heart. Stir the water and repeat blessing.

Hold the vessel in your left hand, over your head. Stir the water and repeat blessing.

Bring the water vessel back to your heart. Stir and repeat:

“I command all cells in my body to listen to the song of life. I command all unhealthy cells to heal. I command all patterns of dis-ease to leave my bodies. I am one with the light.”

Drink the water and then tone using the universal sound AUM/OM.

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